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What we do

We help to get your business seen online...

We do that by setting up professional social media pages to complement your website and other marketing materials, by helping you to manage those pages, and through measuring your social media success over time.

Dot Dash will keep your social media channels up to date. Change of opening hours? New products or services? We’ll update your social to reflect those changes to make sure your audience has the correct information 100% of the time.


Community Management

Dot Dash will become an advocate for your company in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate. We’ll provide your business with a face to encourage personal connections between your company and your followers.

A qualified and savvy Social Media Manager does not just happenWe’ll be one of the voices of your company and should be included in all matters which are customer-facing so we can help build, grow, and manage your online community effectively.


Paid Advertising

Why advertise on social media? Because social media platforms offer highly targeted ads, which can be customized around your customers’ needs. Facebook ads, for example, can target customers by factors like age, location, education level, industry and even user behaviour. 

As you run your paid social campaigns, remember that even though you are using advertisements, your goal to educate, not interrupt should remain intact. Those ads that don’t actually seem like ads because they feel natural to and provide value for those who see them will perform significantly better than the ones that disturb users’ social experiences.



Why is it important?

Social media is transforming the way people interact with brands and the relationships they build with them. Whatever your industry, segment and audience, a substantial portion of your customers and leads are on social.

Social media is key to customer service – Quick customer response time isn’t optional anymore. If there’s a problem with your product or service, your customers expect you to solve it right away. At present, few companies are meeting those expectations.

Here are a few reasons why social media is important for your business…

  • Social media helps to validate your business and raises brand awareness
  • Helps create a brand identity and positive brand association
  • Increases your website traffic and build conversions
  • Using social media for business boosts your website’s SEO
  • It improves communication and interaction with key audiences
  • Social media can help you get noticed at events and earn media coverage
  • Having a social media presence tells consumers that your brand is active and focused on thriving communication with your clients
  • Social media platforms offer highly targeted ads, which can be customised around your customers’ needs

How does it work?

Choose from one of our packages or contact us for an overview and we can tailor a package for you.

We’ll work with you on content, planning, posting, scheduling, engagement and reporting.  We monitor all aspects of your social media platforms and work continuously to grow your following and improve the awareness of your brand.

Below is a quick guide to our process and what you can expect beyond an initial conversation…

  • 1. Initial discussion // Establish requirements
  • 2. Set-up // Review // Audit
  • 3. Planning // Strategy // Implementation
  • 4. Reporting // Analysis // Action
  • 5. Maintenance // Updates


Set-up & Audit

  • Social Media Set-up
  • Alignment of Branding
  • Hashtag Research
  • Content Ideas


Package 01

  • Community Management of One Social Media Platform
  • Approx. 20 Posts per Month
  • Engagement - Social Media Messages, Comments, Follows
  • Scheduling & Posting Content
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Minimum Contract Length - 3 Months


Package 02

  • Choose Up to Two Social Media Platforms
  • Planning Aligned with Business Goals
  • Approx. 40 Posts per Month
  • Scheduling & Posting Content
  • Engagement - Social Media Messages, Comments, Follows
  • Paid Advertising Management (If Required)
  • Fast Response to Social Conversations, Comments, and Messages
  • Track Mentions and Content Performance
  • Full Monthly Report
  • Minimum Contract Length - 3 Months



  • If you think the package options aren’t for you, or you can’t find the information you’re looking for, then send us an email and one of the team will be in touch.

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